Shark Tank Blogger Javier Manjarres In Broward Jail On Attempted Murder Charges

Javier Manjarres, operator of The Shark Tank blog, is being held in the Broward County Jail on attempted murder and burglary charges. According to the Broward Sheriffs Office website, Manjarres has been held since Saturday. The charges were filed in Palm Beach county.

Manjarres faces felony charges of attempted murder with a gun and burglary of a conveyance. 


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  1. Lyn says:

    For those of us who know the law, you are innocent until proven guilty – although most times I feel people are treated guilty until proven innocent. Additionally, these are not formal charges, but simply allegations off a probable cause affidavit to hold him in custody. The truth will come out and until then, I believe that we should not jump to conclusions. People get falsely accused all of the time. I truly do not believe such a respected, straight-edge man would jeopardize not only his life, but his upstanding career, and family. For those of us who know Javier, we should be sticking together at this time as we know what an upstanding citizen he truly is and always has been.


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