At last summer’s hearing regarding the County Commission District 2 race, Broward superlawyer Bill Scherer asked Tyron Francois about the nature of his relationship with the daughter of Commissioner Dale Holness. By filing as a write-in candidate in District 2, Francois prevented non-Democrats from voting in the race. Scherer represented plaintiffs in District 2 who believed Francois’ should be removed from the ballot because he did not reside in District 2.

Francois admitted he did not live in District 2. When Scherer asked Francois about Holness, he claimed just a passing knowledge of the controversial commissioner. Many political insiders believed Holness was behind Francois’ candidacy.

When Scherer asked Francois about Holness’ daughter, Damara, he claimed to barely know her. Scherer produced evidence that Damara Holness lived at same address as Francois. Later, Scherer produced an Instagram photograph of Francois and Damara Holness staring into each other’s eyes.

As a party in the lawsuit, Brenda Snipes, the Broward Supervisor of Elections(SOE), was represented by Burnadette Norris Weeks. Also, the State of Florida was party to the lawsuit. Both SOE and the State were there to deal with ministerial matters such as ballot issues, election dates and certification.

However, when Scherer began asking about Holness, Burnadette Norris Weeks stood to object. She told the court the proceedings had become a “bit of a circus.” Norris Weeks objected to Scherer’s line of questioning, claiming he failed to lay a proper foundation.


Why would Brenda Snipes care about a write-in candidate’s ties to a local politician?

Participating via telephone, lawyers for the State of Florida made no similar objection. They never called the hearing a circus.

Why did Burnadette Norris Weeks object?

As REDBROWARD reveal last year, Norris Weeks is a longtime supporter of Dale Holness. She has given campaign contributions and hosted political fundraisers for Holness. 

As a vendor at the Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport, Norris Weeks attended an airport minority contractor convention in June 2014. REDBROWARD obtained photographs of Norris Weeks dancing with Holness at the Denver convention just days before the Francois hearing.

So, why did Burnadette Norris Weeks object?