“My Muslim upbringing lead me to serve”–Broward Mayor Barbara Sharief, June 2014

Broward Mayor Barbara Sharief appears to be a regular guest at a south Florida Muslim PAC’s events. RED BROWARD obtained photographs from social media sources showing Sharief at several events for EMERGE USA. The group’s political committee recently endorsed many Broward Democrats, including Sharief. While Mayor Sharief is a prolific social media user, none of these pictures were posted on her Facebook or Twitter accounts.

In May, EMERGE USA hosted the “AMERICAN MUSLIMS: BREAKING BARRIERS” at a Miami hotel. Mayor Sharief and her husband attended the event. Several pictures show Sharief addressing the crowd at the Doubletree hotel. Miramar Mayor Lori Mosley attended the dinner with Sharief. She posted pictures on her Facebook.

Sharief at May 2014 EMERGE USA Dinner

In June, EMERGE USA co-founder Khurrum Wahid posted a picture of Sharief at a Sunrise Islamic school. The tweeted picture of Sharief includes this quote from her speech to graduating students, “My Muslim upbringing lead me to serve.” Sharief was speaking at the Salah Tawfik Islamic Elementary and Middle School.

In July, Mayor Sharief spoke at an EMERGE USA Ramadan dinner celebration in Broward. Sharief, wearing traditional Muslim attire, stood in front of the EMERGE USA banner.

Political insiders speculate Sharief has a degree of influence over the endorsements of EMERGE USA. RED BROWARD reported EMERGE has financially supported Sharief’s 2010 and 2014 campaigns for the County Commission.

Again, Sharief did not post any of these pictures on social media. She posts pictures at store openings, parades, school events, alomst anything. Why did she fail to publicize EMERGE USA events?