Lawsuit Filed Over Write In Candidate In Kristin Jacobs’ House Race


A lawsuit filed in Leon County Court  seeks to remove Ronald L. Bray from the Florida House of Representatives District 96 race. Last week, Bray filed to run as write-in candidate against Democrats Steve Perman and Broward County Commissioner Kristin Jacobs. As first reported by, Bray does not live in House District 96. According to Florida Statute 99.0615 states, “At the time of qualification, all write-in candidates must reside within the district represented by the office sought.” RED BROWARD reported Bray worked as the campaign field organizer for Kristin Jacobs’ failed 2012 U.S. Congressional race. The presence of a write-in candidate closes the August 26 primary to non-Democrat voters.

Bray listed his address as 1711 S.W. 2nd Avenue in Pompano Beach. The Broward Supervisor of Elections records show Bray is registered to vote at this address.  According to these records, Bray lives in Florida house District 92 which is represented by Gwyndolen Clarke-Reed. Like Bray, Kristin Jacobs does not live in District 96 either. A July 2013 investigation showed Jacobs tried to hide her true residency from voters. In an affidavit filed with the State of Florida, Jacobs asked state elections officials to redact her home address even though numerous public records show Jacobs actually lives in District 93, which is represented by George Moraitis (R-Fort Lauderdale). Jacobs denied she asked State officials to hide her address.

Filed on Wednesday, the lawsuit lists Robert Adams, a registered independent from Coconut Creek, as plaintiff. Bray is the main defendant along with Broward Supervisor of Elections Brenda Snipes and Florida Secretary of State Ken Detzner. The lawsuit states, “Plaintiff, Robert Adams, brings this action to disqualify the candidacy of Ronald Bray (hereinafter “Bray”) as a write–in candidate for District 96, State House of Representatives, for the November 2014 election, and to direct Defendants to allow all qualified registered voters in District 96 to vote in the August 2014 primary election, regardless of party or non-party status.”

The suit claims Adams, “will suffer immediate and irreparable harm if Defendant, Bray is not disqualified as a write-in candidate, because he will not be able to vote in the August 2014 primary election for district 96, State House of Representatives, as he is not a member of the Democratic Party and the only candidates who qualified to run, other than Defendant Bray, are Democratic candidates.

The plaintiff asks the court to, “Enjoin Defendants, Ken Detzner, and D. Brenda Snipes, and all persons and entities acting under their direction or in concert with them, from precluding any qualified voters registered to vote within the boundaries of House District 96, regardless of party or nonparty affiliation, from voting in the August 2014 primary election for the State House of Representatives District 96.”

The case is set to be heard by Leon County Circuit Court Judge Terry P. Lewis.

Published by Tom Lauder

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