Broward Commission Candidate Explains Arrest For Impersonating Police Officer

Christopher D. Warnig, the young Broward Democrat running for the Broward County Commission, responded to our report on his arrests for impersonating a police officer. Warnig was arrested in Pennsylvania in 2011 and Wilton Manors in February 2013. Warnig posted this statement in our comments section:

“For those of you that know me and support me as the Democratic candidate for Broward County Commissioner, District 4, know that I am a honest, dedicated, and passionate person. Yes, I have made a mistake and even the same mistake twice, however the news media does misconstrue information.
The incident in Pennsylvania was in fact dismissed and expunged due to the fact the police department and borough was at fault for allowing me to do it. I do have proof to make public upon request that the incident was cleared. In the Wilton Manors incident, the possession of a handcuff key and improper use of a badge charges were dropped do to lack of evidence. As for the impersonating a police officer, my neighbors were fighting, I ran out to respond to the yelling call for help as trained to do so as a Emergency Medical Technician/Firefighter and verbally attempted to separate the two individuals. It was presumed by the police that my presence was intended to act in the capacity of authority to separate them.
I hope you take time to understand the true facts of these incidents before making any final judgments. As candidate for Broward County Commissioner, District 4, I will prove to you my knowledge and skills that are necessary for a public official. I promise to uphold as a candidate and if elected the core value of serving the public, living by the acronym H.I.R.E Honesty, Integrity, Respect and Excellence. Feel free to contact me for any further questions or concerns.
(Christopher D Warnig – 954.300.5430 – electchristopherwarnig@gmail.com”

Warnig told us he has support from “rank and file” people. We know Debbie Wasserman Schultz isn’t backing him, but what power players are pushing him into the spotlight? Stay tuned…


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