A Fire Will Rise…

RedBrowardRising1 (1)The past week has been marked with more than the typical turbulence for our site, Red Broward. Critics of Red Broward cheered as the site’s web presence was disrupted after a case of injured pride on the part of several members of the Broward Republican party.

Red Broward has consistently called attention to the antics and bad behaviors of public servants- regardless of political affiliation – when their actions have been inappropriate, less than ethical, or just plain embarrassing. One of these recent exposés bruised the egos of a few members of the Republican Party here in Broward, resulting in a cyber retaliation against the Red Broward website.

We are humbled by The Daily Broward’s offer to provide a home, temporary though it may be, for the Red Broward crew. We look forward to sharing our wit and insight stuff with their readers.

In legend, the phoenix would burn up and be reborn, stronger and more brilliant than before it’s passing. We proudly join the pages of Daily Broward.

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