Scott Israel: Worst Dancer In Broward

This video supporting the re-election of Barack Obama features a cameo by Scott Israel, perennial also-ran and Democrat candidate for Broward Sheriff. We haven’t seen someone dance this bad since Elaine Benes cut a rug on Seinfeld. Perhaps Scott should spend less time schmoozing with Broward School Board wannabe Abby Freedman (D-Money Pit) and more time practicing the cha-cha with Broward Commissioner Stacy Ritter (D-Booby Trap).


2 thoughts on “Scott Israel: Worst Dancer In Broward

  1. Hair Club for Men

    During Scott (Da Thumper) Israel (r) (D for now) gyratin numerous hair plugs fell to the floor when you get home check the bottom of your shoes 250 are missing, send them to the main BSO jail. ML



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