You have to love the avalanche of dirty tricks coming from Broward’s Democrat elite. First, we had robocalls touting the endorsement of suspect “tea party” group. Now we have fake Facebook profiles trolling anyone who dares speak ill of Broward County Commissioner Stacy Ritter (D-Booby Trap).

The fake profile for “Joseph Miller” was created on Tuesday. No pictures. No posts. Just one “like” for the campaign page of Robert “Bob” Sutton. Who is Mr. Sutton? He is Stacy Ritter’s opponent for the County Commission District 3 seat.

Funny, Joseph doesn’t like our posts regarding Ritter and her favorite State House candidate Jared Moskowitz (D-Mini Me). Here are some nuggets from Mr Miller:

“Joseph Miller Your obsession with this woman is creepy.
10 minutes ago · Like”

“Joseph Miller Smear campaign. Why don’t you get a real job.
11 minutes ago · Like”

“Joseph Miller Prove it.
13 minutes ago · Like”

Miler didn’t care for these pictures: