Miami Herald Endorses Sheriff Al Lamberti


The Miami Herald has endorsed Sheriff Al Lamberti. Perhaps the Herald will send out reporters to track down Scott Israel’s missing campaign treasurer’s report?

Here is the release from the Lamberti campaign:
Fla. – Sheriff Lamberti is honored to receive the endorsement from the Miami Herald for his re-election as Sheriff of Broward County in November.
The Miami Editorial Board expresses how, “Al Lamberti has led the Broward Sheriff’s Office with a steady hand during a challenging time of budget cuts and increased demand for his agency’s services.”
Since becoming Sheriff in 2007, the Board recognized how Sheriff Lamberti “has made laudable strides,” by instituting county wide crime prevention initiatives to make our streets safer, enhancing diversity among the agency by promoting African Americans, Hispanics, and Women to high ranking executive positions, and how he has ran a streamlined and efficient public safety agency.
Sheriff Lamberti’s commitment and strong leadership over the largest multi service fully accredited public service agency in the nation has also earned him several additional endorsements from:
International Association of Firefighters Local 4321
Fraternal Order of Police, District 5, Broward County
Fraternal Order of Police, Broward Sheriff’s Lodge 32
Broward Atlantic Coast FOP Lodge 53
Latino Officers Association
Metro-Broward Professional Fire Fighters Local 3080
International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Local 769
The Hispanic Vote
Broward 10-13 Club
The Broward Teachers Union
Greater Ft. Lauderdale Board of Realtors
Associated Builders and Contractors
Florida Carpenters Regional Council

Published by Tom Lauder

Covering South Florida Politics Since 2010...As Seen On: POLITICO, The Huffington Post, The South Florida Sun-Sentinel, The Miami Herald, WPLG LOCAL 10 (ABC MIAMI), The New Times

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  1. I cannot agree with supporting Al Lamberti as Sheriff. He’s not fit to continue as Broward County Sheriff. According to the Sun Sentinel, Lamberti didn’t fire his top paid political advisor Bill Lewis, a convicted armed cocaine trafficker, until Lewis was arrested for spousal abuse and the conviction became public. Lamberti said he has no responsibility for knowing the background of the people working for him. Isn’t it the sheriff’s job to check the background of the people he hires? BSO regulations strictly prohibit officers from associating with felons. And let’s not forget Sheriff Lamberti’s involvement with convicted Ponzi schemer Scott Rothstein.


  2. I want to feel protected by the BSO but I don’t. How can I when our county Sheriff associates with criminals? He hires them on his staff. He has looked the other way when his deputies broke the law – for example, the recent report about detective Jeff Poole being one of Scott Rothstein’s enforcers. So who was really running the Sheriff office, Lamberti or Rothstein?


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