Is Jared Moskowitz Backing Robert Sutton Over Stacy Ritter In Commission Race?

When local high school kids got together to honor one of their favorite teachers, they probably didn’t expect to meet Jared Moskowitz, son of Broward Democrat mega-insider Michael Moskowitz. The group gathered at Wings Plus to hear from “Teacher of the Year” Robert Sutton. Mr. Sutton is the Republican candidate for Broward County Commission District 3 seat. He is challenging the incumbent Stacy Ritter(D-Booby Trap).

At first some thought Moskowitz was lost; He doesn’t live in the Florida House District 97 for which he is running. Moskowitz was accompanied by Republican Coral Springs Commissioner Larry Vignola. The mere thought of Moskowitz supporting Sutton over Ritter would send shockwaves all over Broward.

In a recent story, Moskowitz proclaimed to be a “moderate Democrat”. Sutton has significant grassroots support from Republicans, Independents and even Democrats in District 97. Even though Sutton is a friend and supporter of Jim Gleason, Moskowitz’s Republican opponent, it is possible Moskowitz and Vignola were hoping to attract that same support.

Michael Moskowitz is a neighbor of Ritter and her lobbyist husband Russ Klenet. He has been her lawyer. She ran to the Moskowitz house when her father chased her with a gun.

Ritter’s stranglehold on District 3 has been weakened by numerous scandals and her overwhelming support of Barack Obama. In 2008, Ritter, chair of the Obama campaign in Broward, held a fundraiser for the Obama in her Parkland estate.

Maybe Jared heard Stacy and Russ didn’t bother to vote in August for friends Ilene Lieberman and Nick Steffens.


Published by Tom Lauder

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  1. Robert Sutton is a Republican that is being backed by the Broward GOP. I doubt that Jared is backing Mr. Sutton. However he is extremely nice and may have been interested in the event. Have you reached out Jared. He is extremely approachable.


  2. OMG, even in Broweird, this is really striking! But nothing’s as it looks in corruption central, so, let’s see how it plays out.


  3. I was at the restaurant that night and saw Moskowitz and Vignola having dinner on the other side of Wings. It didn’t look like they were there for any Sutton event. Sutton needs a lot more help than either Moskowitz or Vignola need to win his race. I have a feeling that Sutton would love to have the support that those two already have instead of vice-versa.


  4. There is a big difference between Moskowitz and the dynamic duo of Sutton and Gleason. It’s not just the fact that Moskowitz can raise money and they can’t. Nor the fact that he has supporters and they don’t. It’s not just because Republicans like me will vote for Moskowitz and Ritter over Gleason and Sutton because the latter two are not qualified, don’t know how to campaign, and would do a terrible job representing our area. It’s that Moskowitz is a winner, while our Republican candidates are not. They are self-serving candidates with no specific ideas of how to make improvements. Gleason and Sutton would be lucky to get 35% of the vote.


    1. Wow, who knew so many Republican Red Broward readers were Jared Moskowitz supporters. He must truly be a moderate. Maybe we could throw a fundraiser to help Jared find a place to live in the district? Jorge you should meet up with Brian. You’re practically neighbors aren’t you?


      1. I would like to disagree with Jorge. I think that 35% would be extremely positive. If they get more than 30%, I would be surprised.


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