On Thursday, Karen Harrington skipped yet another debate for Congressional District 23. Harrington claimed she would be busy at a conservative convention in Jacksonville, Florida. The final debate was moderated by Channel 10’s Michael Putney, the dean of south Florida political reporters.

Ozzie DeFaria, another Republican candidate vying for the opportunity to challenge Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Out Of Touch), issued a statement claiming Harrington was really attending a dinner at a nearby residence. An online schedule for the Red State Gathering shows Harrington was not scheduled to appear until 3:30pm Friday.

Here’s the DeFaria statement:


Lies to Voters About Why She Skipped GOP Debate

Ft. Lauderdale – Last night, Karen Harrington missed her 4th Republican
debate. What was Karen’s excuse? She claims she had to be in Jacksonville to speak at a blogger’s conference. But that’s just another one of Karen’s lies.

Last night, while her Republican opponents were debating, Karen Harrington was reportedly 5 miles away in Hollywood, at Dr. Adam Splaver’s house.

There you have it. Karen Harrington caught in another lie. Karen has been pushing false and misleading attacks about Ozzie deFaria for nine months. And, she’s lying to voters about her true policy positions.

For example, Karen claims she’s against gay marriage, but a picture has emerged showing her participating in a same-sex wedding ceremony.

Karen claims Ozzie is under criminal investigation, but that’s a lie too. For political purposes, her campaign associate filed a police report with false information. Then Karen used the police report to lie about an ongoing investigation.

Karen also continues to hide the real reason she became a Republican only days before declaring her candidacy for Congress.

‘Voters can see straight through a liar. That’s probably why she lost big, by 22%, to Debbie Wasserman Schultz in 2010,’ said Ozzie deFaria. ‘Every one of Karen’s attacks against me has been personal in nature. Her dirty, misleading, and untrue smear tactics are failing with voters, and she knows it.'”