The legal fight over missing Fort Lauderdale millionaire Guma Aguiar heads to court today and there is a distinct whiff of mango in the air. Stay tuned..

Guma Aguiar

“Before the U.S. Coast Guard had ended its 48-hour search the night of June 21, his mother, Ellen Aguiar filed a court document earlier that day, seeking to have herself named conservator of her son’s substantial assets.

‘It’s not a power grab,’ Ellen Aguiar, 59, of Pompano Beach and Jerusalem, said Wednesday from her lawyer’s office in Miami.


She said she made the filing based on legal advice, and said there are substantial assets to protect for his family as well as bills, salaries and business operations to fund. Investments include Israeli real estate and majority ownership of a pro basketball team there, a Fort Lauderdale mansion and a fleet of automobiles.”