On August 18, 2011, Ilene Lieberman attended the regular meeting of the Woodlands Community Neighborhood Improvement District. Lieberman hoped to call attention to the plight of many victims of fruit theft and the horrible treatment by the Broward Sheriffs Office.

According to the meeting minutes, Broward County Commissioner Ilene Lieberman, the woman who wants to be a judge, said the following:

“Ilene Lieberman comments that people have come on to her property and taken mangoes from her trees. She has security cameras, and has video of the people, their car, and license plate. When we called the BSO, we were discouraged by the officer who responded. He basically said that home grown fruit has no value. So when I hear the statistics, I wonder who else may have been discouraged over filing petit theft issues.”

Let’s get Ms Lieberman, Beverly Bard Stracher and Co to fight corruption in Broward. Imagine the results!!!