Stacy Ritter and The School Board Candidate


Over at Broward Beat, Buddy Nevins has been covering a story regarding Broward School Board candidate Nick Steffens. Until recently, Steffens was Stacy Ritter’s deputy campaign manager. Looks like Ritter’s campaign is trying to distance itself from Steffens. The campaign told Nevins:

“Ritter’s campaign says ‘the only paid staff person she has ever had in this campaign is her Campaign Manager Samantha Senne.’

Ritter told me that she is not involved in any way in the School Board race and is focused on her own campaign and re-electing the president.

Steffens was a volunteer and Ritter says she has ‘been happy to have the support of dozens of volunteers and activists.'”

Ok. Who said anything about being “paid”? Also, are all volunteers given fancy titles? Oh, check out the picture of Ritter, Steffens and Samantha Senne at the recent Broward Democrat Unity Dinner. One big happy family.

Perhaps Ms. Ritter needs to clarify what’s really going on?

(Unity Dinner pic via Facebook & Smug Mug, by Carol Porter)


Published by Tom Lauder

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  1. You’re on the right path. Keep digging. The truth shall set you free.

    Also, everyone knows Stacy is not involved in re-electing the President. She is furious at Obama for not getting an appointment as a Deputy Secretary or something. That’s what happens when you google someone and the first thing you find is a blog post entitled their “Corruption Compendium.”


  2. LOL. If you take a photo with someone, then you MUST be connected to them. I guess all those women who took photos with Bill Clinton also slept with him. You crack me up.


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