Upon hearing Congressman Allen West’s decision to move to a district, his current opponent, Patrick Murphy (D-Erin) decided to call West a “coward”. Murphy posted this statement on his website:

“Allen West went from talking tough this weekend and telling progressives to ‘get the hell out of this country’ to abandoning the people who elected him. There is no other way to interpret this: Allen West is a coward. The truth is that the maps are far from set and I will continue to monitor the redistricting process closely.”

Um, ok Pat. Bad move. But here’s an even worse move-Murphy may follow West to the new district. Can you say “sacrificial lamb”?

Hey Pat, here’s some friendly advice. Don’t do it. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Out of Touch) has an Ahab-esque obsession with West. She must be burning up the phone lines trying to get you to head to the Treasure Coast.

Then there is the pressure from the Broward Democrats. They lack the cojones to challenge West head on. Now that he is gone they want you out of the way. Don’t trust them. They’re not looking out for you either.

You hold the cards. Forget these Broward Commissioners. They’re lackluster duds who imagine themselves to be kings and queens; Their underlings hold court at the old Burdines department store plotting and maneuvering pieces on an imaginary chess board.

Make up your own mind. You cannot trust them.