Dems & Union Dealt Bitter Defeat in Wisconsin Recall Vote

Despite spending millions of dollars, DEM and Union forces fail to gain seats in recall bid to gain control of Wisconsin State Senate.


3 thoughts on “Dems & Union Dealt Bitter Defeat in Wisconsin Recall Vote

  1. Independent

    Yes you are technically correct. Of the 6 seats, Republican held onto 4 of them and Democrats won the other two. Is this holding off a change in party control or a trend towards a change? I don’t know.

    This is after a well known Republican PAC, heavily involved in Governor Scott’s race, which will go unnamed, sent only Democrat Absentee Voters information about voting. It included a non-existent address for returning the ballots, and to remind them to vote by August 11. The election was on August 9.

    This is what our country is becoming. Shameful.


  2. Independent

    Forgot to add, the balance in the Senate is now 17 republicans to 16 democrats. I wouldn’t call that a bitter defeat, but hanging on for dear life vote.

    Unfortunately I see votes in the Senate to be a lot of 17 to 16 votes. That is not good governing, that is voting based on politics only and political survival.



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