Connie Mack Endorses Mitt Romney


On Thursday, Congressman Connie Mack endorsed Mitt Romney:

“We need true leadership in the White House with someone who is uniquely qualified to grow the economy and create the quality jobs that Americans deserve and need.”

St Pete Times

1 thought on “Connie Mack Endorses Mitt Romney

  1. SamFox

    Here is a letter/message I sent Mr. Mack after I received a donation solicitation from his people.

    Mr. Connie Mack;

    I won’t have any thing to do with you Mr. Mack. You showed your self to be another RINO-CINO on the order of John Manchurian McCain when you endorsed Mitt Romney. Don’t you know that we know who this double tongue master of duplicity, Mitt Romney, is??? How ignorant do you think we are that you could endorse another 0bama & we wouldn’t figure out what was going on? You, like Michele Bachmann, broke my heart. She voted to extend the ‘Patriot’ Act & you endorsed a big govt RINO-CINO of the worst kind.

    So go on with your self.

    At YouTube look up Snakes On A Campaign, Mitt Romney, by the Southern Avenger. That’s just for openers. The list is so long on Mitt that it’s hard to get it all on a single website. Look up, Mitt Romney Exposed. You’ll see what I mean.

    You have to be a CINO insider. There is no way you can’t know about how phony, duplicitous & deceptive Romney is, yet you endorse him. And you used to be a hero of mine because I actually thought you were real. You are disgusting. I post about your betrayal of conservative principle every chance I get online.

    Thanks but no thanks!




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