Swimming With Sharks

Hold onto your hats and wigs: A prominent local blogger is no fan of Broward Republican Executive Committee chairman Richard DeNapoli. The blogger happens to be an alternate BREC committeeman.

I’ve come to realize that RED BROWARD is on the blogger’s naughty list as well. Last December, Red Broward reported on erroneous allegations, made by the local blogger, that BREC failed to file financial reports with the Supervisor of Elections Office.


The blogger chose to attack me for reporting the facts; His supporters aggressively attempted to tie me to DeNapoli’s campaign for BREC chairman. For the first time, Red Broward can reveal that we promised to support to BREC candidate Jay Narang. We proudly stand by our coverage of the BREC elections as informative and unbiased.

As proud and loyal Republicans, we chose to support our new chairman. Our true opponents are progressive liberals and their allies, not fellow Republicans, Conservatives, and Independents.

At the January 28. 2011 BREC meeting, DeNapoli announced that NO UNAUTHORIZED RECORDING of meetings would be allowed. Also announced was fact that BREC retained the services of a videographer and videos would be posted online. DeNapoli stated policy enacted due to complaints of BREC members and hotel guests.

DeNapoli stated that part of the meeting would be closed to public in order to allow open discussion of issues among committee members.

The local blogger refused to stop recording the proceedings. He posted video of his interaction with BREC security. He was repeatedly told he could attend meeting, but could not record the meeting.

The blogger wrote the following on February 1, 2011:

“I then noticed that another local blogger was allowed to remain in the room with his camera- a blogger who writes for the Red Broward blog.”

In a February 7, 2011 letter to RPOF chairmain David Bitner, the blogger said this:

“I objected, on the grounds that three or four others persons, his girlfriend included, were also wielding cameras. He had the Sergeant-at-Arms expel me. This causes a great deal of commotion as I tried to ask him why I alone would not be allowed to videotape.”

Did I have a video camera? Yep, I sure did. It stayed in turned off in my camera bag during the entire meeting. Not once did I attempt to “wield” it. I am a BREC member. I follow the rules. I would have loved to have a cold beer and easy chair too. But I bet that wouldn’t be allowed either.  I did not see anyone else attempt to record the proceedings.

Local blogger's opinion of RED BROWARD

At the BREC meeting, there was time for members to make motions. The local blogger made no motion. At the BREC meeting, there was time for members to make public comments. The local blogger made no comments.

I have no problem with someone bitching about BREC leadership; heck it’s a tradition in Broward county. I have no problem with someone contacting the Sun-Sentinel or Buddy Nevins. I have no problem with someone writing a letter to David Bitner.

But I do have a problem when someone cannot get the facts straight.

Especially when someone prefers to attack fellow Republicans instead of progressives, liberals and Democrats.

2 thoughts on “Swimming With Sharks

  1. BREC Member

    What a jerk Manjarres is. A real blogger claiming to be a “conservative” would be attacking Mitch Caesar, the DEMOCRATIC CHAIR!!!!


  2. another BREC member

    Richard DeNapoli is by far the hardest working BREC chair that Broward has seen in a long long time. To have to deal with the malicious lies and accusations , you might expect that this would come from a DEM,and you’d say,well that comes w/ the job. WiTh Javiers help, the DEMS don’t need to lift a finger- Javier will make up all of the stories for them-what a moron. Thanks for the help Javier-pl turn in ur R card- ur time is up-ur no longer welcome to stay.



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