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Report: New Tamarac City Attorney Hans Ottinot Paid $60K A Month To Simply Attend North Miami Beach Commission Meetings

Hans Ottinot, left, with Tamarac Commissioner Marlon Bolton

Uh oh Tamarac. You better sit down before reading the latest from Stephanie Kienzle at VotersOpinion.com. Earlier this month, Marlon Bolton and his Tamarac Commission cronies, Morey Wright Jr. and Kicia Daniel, reinstalled Hans Ottinot as Tamarac City Attorney. Ottinot is currently the City of North Miami Beach attorney.

Last week, Kienzle reported Ottinot received a flat fee of $60,000 per month by North Miami Beach. The flat fee covers Ottinot’s attendance at commission meetings. Any other legal work performed by Ottinot is extra.

Kienzle wrote:

According to the Minutes of the Meeting, McKenzie had hastily added “Discussion concerning the City Attorney Contract,” at which time he “requested Interim City Attorney Hans Ottinot to be promoted to the City Attorney and requested a vote on his contract for the City Attorney as $60,000 monthly rate with the same billable rate.”

If that weren’t horrific enough, here’s the part that should make your blood boil.

The City Attorney budget for Fiscal Year 2022 was $930,000 per year.

On October 1, 2021 (the beginning of FY22), Ottinot Law, PA was to be paid $55,000 a month, so his “flat fee” for the first seven months of FY22 was $385,000.

On May 1, 2022, his salary was increased to $60,000 a month, so his “flat fee” for the last five months of FY22 was $300,000.

In all, the total “flat fee” for Ottinot Law, PA during Fiscal Year 2022 should have been $685,000.

However (you might want to sit down for this), during Fiscal Year 2022, Ottinot Law, PA was paid an OBSCENE $1,189,759.37!

Hold on to your wallets and pocketbooks Tamarac voters!