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Broward Mayor Barbara Sharief Still Stumbling In Media Spotlight

Broward Mayor Barbara Sharief Loves The Limelight

It appears Broward Mayor Barbara Sharief will say anything to extend her time in the media spotlight. Yesterday, Sharief told WPLG Local 10 news the arrest of a “high ranking official” was imminent. Sharief was discussing the investigation into the leak of Fort Lauderdale/ Hollywood International (FLL) surveillance footage showing Esteban Santiago shooting at fellow travelers last Friday. Sharief claimed the publication of the video could give rise to “copycats.” 

In her interview with Channel 10, Sharief claimed a “high ranking official” would soon face arrest for leaking the video. Late Tuesday, Broward Sheriff Scott Israel announced the suspension of  BSO deputy Michael Dingman in connection with the leak investigation. Sheriff Israel said he was “appalled” that anyone in law enforcement would leak evidence to TMZ.

“I’m not saying he did or didn’t do anything wrong,” Broward Sheriff Scott Israel said. “Based on all the information available to me, the correct move, the direction I chose to go in, is to suspend a deputy with pay as the investigation continues.”

REDBROWARD attempted to ask Mayor Sharief if she thinks a BSO deputy is a “high ranking official,” but she did not respond. Was this another case of Sharief embellishing facts to gain more airtime?

Given her recent blunders on CNN and elsewhere, you may think Sharief would stop talking about the investigation and go back to her normal duties. 


On Wednesday, Mayor Sharief was back in the local media spotlight. She did not clarify her “high ranking official” flub. Instead, Sharief talked to WPLG about FBI investigative techniques. 

According to WPLG, “Sharief said FBI investigators were able to enhance a reflection from the video to help identify the person who recorded the video. With the naked eye, you can see a hand on the screen.” Oh, thanks Mayor Sharief. Great heads up to defense lawyers circling the case.

“We want to fully apologize from the bottom of our hearts and send our deepest sympathies and condolences to the victims and their families for having to watch this on national television,” Sharief said.

What about an apology to everyone for passing bad information to the media all week?