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Rapper Kodak Black “Celebrates” Florida Panthers Victory With Raunchy “Kodak Moment”

Rapper Kodak Black made an appearance at tonight’s Florida Panthers game in Sunrise. Twitter user David954FLA captured what appears to be Black “celebrating” with a female fan in a private box at the FLA Live Arena.

courtesy @David954FLA
Kodak Black posted this video on his Instagram account.

Red Room? The Mystery Behind The Sex Den Just Steps Away From A Pembroke Pines Elementary School

In late 2016, Pembroke Pines Police discovered numerous sex toys, an air mattress and bodily fluids in a city athletic field press box just steps away from Pasadena Lakes Elementary School. Despite all the evidence, the investigation was closed with no resolution. To this day, it is unclear who was conducting sexual liasons at the baseball fields operating by the Pasadena Lakes Walnut Creek Optimist Club.

REDBROWARD obtained the Pembroke Pines Police Department report detailing the discovery of sex den in the “football tower” located at 2301 North Douglas Road. According to the November 22, 2016 report, the tower had been unused since 2014. Police repsonded to a call from Pines Supervisor of Parks Glenn Reid. He told police he last visted the tower in June 2016. Reid said the tower was “undisturbed” at that time.

Things were different on November 21, 2016.

Reid said he discovered the second floor air conditioning unit was running. He unlocked the door and went inside to investigate. Reid stated he found a “deflated air mattress, empty Styrofoam containers that had contained food, as well as a box containing various sex toys.” Reid stated he unplugged the ac unit and left the tower.

The following day, Reid returned to the tower. He unlocked the door and entered the building. This time, Reid discovered a fully inflated air mattress, “indicating that someone had entered the tower sometime overnight.”

Police said there were no signs of forced entry. The police officers did not observe any damage or signs of vandalism.

Police Officer Keegan indicated this appeared to be a case of tresspassing, a second degree misdemeanor.

The next day, police returned to the football tower to process the crime scene. The items were processed for fingerprints but none were found.

Nearly three months later, police contacted Parks Supervisor Reid. The February 1, 2017 report states, “[Reid] advised that there have been no incidents since the reported one.” The report claims Reid had no suspicions as to who was using the tower for secxual liasons. Officer Grant wrote the case should be considered “inactive.”

One month later, crime scene investigators returned to scene. On March 9, 2017, Patti Zorrilla wrote, “I had been advised by Captain Cerino that the items inside the building were to be collected.” Zorrilla collected two white blankets, two pillows, one queen size air mattress, one “white plastic box containing sex toys” and multiple tissues with bodily fluids.


REDBROWARD obtained a photgraph of the items recovered that the Pasadena Lakes Optimist football tower. The items included a box of Trojan brand condoms, a bottle of lubricant, fur-lined handcuffs, a fur-lined paddle, a blindfold and an Icicles brand glass “dainty plug” sex toy still in its original packaging.

Surely, Pembroke Pines officials would want to know who was using city property for sexual purposes. Yes, it could have been consenting adults who were too cheap to find a hotel room. Yet, the tower’s proximity to an elementary school should have alarmed someone enough to verify nothing nefarious was going on inside.

Pasadena Lakes Elementary School and the Pasadena Lakes Optimist football tower lie within Pembroke Pines District 2 represented by Commissioner Jay Schwartz.

The documents obtained by REDBROWARD state the case was not considered closed until February 1, 2017.

But on January 13, 2017, Commissioner Jay Schwartz directly referenced the Pembroke Pines Police Case #PPD16OFF073656 in an email copied to the City Manager and City Attorney.

Schwartz wrote, “Our police department performed a professional evaluation and deliberate review of the incident resulting in a closure of the matter.”

How did Schwartz know the matter was closed when it would not be considered “inactive” for another month?

Wasn’t Schwartz concerned about the bodily fluids and sex toys at a city ball park?

Did Pembroke Pines Police conduct any interviews with anyone other than Supervisor Reid?

More to come…