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“Cover Up?” Republican Party Website Asks If State Rep. Dan Daley “Was Drunk” During 2017 Traffic Incident

Republican Party website targets State Rep Dan Daley

A Republican Party sponsored website is asking if Democrat State Rep. Dan Daley received preferential treatment during a 2017 traffic incident. The “Was Dan Daley Drunk” website includes news reports about the incident as well as a 911 recording from a AAA tow truck driver. The website was created in late October.

According to the 911 recording, Daley called the AAA road service for help with a flat tire. The tow truck driver called 911 after she encountered an unresponsive Daley behind the wheel of his vehicle. She said she tried to wake up Daley by banging on the window, yelling, shining a light in his face and using her truck’s emergency lights. Unable to awaken Daley, she called police.

According to the CoralSprings.com site, the call “triggered the dispatching of an EMS unit, and prompted the participation of 6 Police Officers, a sergeant, a lieutenant, the Acting Police Chief, the Assistant Police Chief, the City Manager and the Mayor.”

The website claims Coral Springs Police Department Officer Stephen Wetherington “sued the City of Coral Springs under the Florida Whistle Blowers Act claiming that department officials conspired to hush the incident up, given that the individual involved was the Vice Mayor and City commissioner of Coral Springs.”

ParklandNews.net reported, “‘Although rank and file officers on the scene suspected Daley of being impaired – based on the smell of alcohol on his breadth, the slur of his speech and his unsteady gate as he got out of the car— [Lieutenant] did not permit any DUI investigation to take place. Rather he [Lieutenant] sent Daley home in a cab,’ counsel for plaintiff writes in a whistle blower complaint filed June this year.”

Daley was not charged with any crime.

In 2018 we asked him about the incident, Daley told REDBROWARD drinking was not a factor. He said he had been visiting friends and was simply tired.

Daley, a former Coral Springs Commissioner, is running for reelection against Republican Jenna Hague.