Shadowy Political Committee Tied To Former Miramar Commissioner

A shadowy political committee appears to have close ties to former Miramar commissioner Alexandra Davis. The “Alliance for Better Governance” raised $12,050 from an unnamed Miami based “consultant” during the run up to the Miramar city elections in March. Davis, who previously ran for the Broward County Commission, was running for Mayor of Miramar.

According to campaign reports filed with the Broward Supervisor of Elections Office (SOE), the “Alliance for Better Governance” received five contributions from the Miami consultant “ABCD” located at 12345, Miami FL 33027. This “consultant” made contributions of $7000, $1500, $750, $1000 and $1800 between February 19, and March 9, 2015.

The “Alliance For Better Governance” made $7,927.57 in expenditures. The vast majority of these expenditures were made February 23, 2015 to individuals located at “12345, Miramar FL 33027.” These payments, mostly $100 each, were listed as “payroll.” Two small payments for “bank fees” were made on February 23 and February 24 to the Wells Fargo bank at 1710 S. Andrews Ave in Fort Lauderdale. Another payment was made to Wells Fargo on March 3, 2015 for a “check order.” On March 4th, US Print Pro in Miami received a $4,596.45 payment for “printing.” On March 9th, a $53 payment was made to ADP printing in Miramar for printing.

The Miami address of “12345” does not exist. Records do not show any Miami based consultants named “ABCD.” However, there is an “ABCD Accounting” located in Miami.

Broward SOE lists Roderick C. Kemp as the contact person for the “Alliance for Better Governance.” Mr. Kemp appears to be a close associate of Alexandra Davis. Records show Kemp registered the domain name “” in December 2013. Davis used this domain name for her campaign website.

A telephone number tied to Kemp is used as an official contact number on the Davis website and other Davis campaign materials.

When contacted by REDBROWARD, Kemp admitted the political committee worked to get Davis elected. He said, “We helped [Davis] and lots of municipal candidates.” Kemp said he registered the domain name when Davis “needed an email address.” As for the fictitious names and addresses, Kemp said the person who filed the reports for him “must have made a mistake.”

Kemp promised to provide the correct information regarding the contributions and expenditures.