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Broward Voter Received Robocall From In-Custody Federal Inmate On Behalf Of Dale Holness Campaign—His Daughter

Just when you thought Dale Holness couldn’t sink any lower. On Monday evening, a Broward voter received a robocall on behalf of Holness’ campaign for U.S. Congress. The woman on the phone call claimed to be Dale Holness’ daughter, Damara Holness.

Damara Holness is currently an inmate at the Federal prison in Marianna, Florida. Ms. Holness will be an inmate until September 2023.

According to the voter, the woman on the call identified herself as Damara Holness. The purported Damara Holness admitted to making “mistakes” but said her father “had nothing to do with them.”

So how did a Federal inmate participate in a campaign telephone call for Dale Holness?

Why is an inmate, who never returned $181,000 in cash to authorities, allowed to plan any role in a Federal election?

Shameless. Desperate. Low. These are the words to describe a man who would use his incarcerated daughter to win a political campaign.

Dale Holness & Damara Holness