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Judge Kal Evans Describes Growing Up Homeless in Broward County

This True Broward TV interview gives great insight into Broward County Court Judge Kal Evans. In the multiple part interview, Evans candidly describes growing up homeless in Broward’s “Tater Town” and how that experience shaped his life.  Evans tells host Dennis Shumate how he dedicated himself to public service even while he was living on the streets.

Broward Judges Face Challengers As Races Close

Broward judges will face last minute challengers as the races are set for August. County Judge Nina DiPietro will face off against Brenda Di Ioia and former Judge Ian Richards. Many Broward insiders were surprised by Richards last minute entry into the race. Richards lost his seat in 2014 to underdog candidate Claudia Robinson.

Judge Kal Evans will face off against another last minute candidate, Phyliss Pritcher. Moments before Pritcher entered the race, Evans’ other challenger,  Kathleen McCarthy switched to a different race. She will run against Judge Stephen Zaccor.

Attorney Dale Miller qualified for the Group 3 seat. He will face Adam Geller, Rhoda Sokoloff and Judy Stern’s latest candidate, Florence Barner.