Broward School Board Member Violates Florida Election Laws

According to her campaign treasurer’s report, Broward School Board Member Rosalind Osgood has violated Florida elections law, twice. On July 9, 2015, Osgood loaned her campaign $100 in cash. Two weeks later, Osgood contributed $1,000 in cash. Florida election law prohibits candidates from accepting cash contributions over fifty dollars. Section 106.09(1)(a) states, “A person may not make an […]

Will FL Supreme Court Come Down Hard On Broward Judge Hurley?

In what only can be viewed as bad news for Broward Judge John Jay Hurley, the Florida Supreme Court has taken a hardline on campaign violations by judicial candidates. In May, The Court punished Indian River Circuit Court Judge Victoria L. Griffin for operating her campaign before actually filing for office. In April, the Judicial […]