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VIDEO Shows Lauderdale Lakes Man Attacking BSO Deputy Before Shooting

Grainy cellphone video posted on social media shows a Lauderdale Lakes man attacking a Broward Sheriff’s Office Deputy before he was shot on Wednesday. The video was posted to a local Black Lives Matter page on Friday morning. The seven-minute video begins with Jean Pedro Pierre standing over a BSO Deputy. Pierre is holding the leg of the Deputy Sean Youngward.

The BSO deputy on the ground appears to be hitting Pierre with a baton. Pierre’s neighbors implore him to let go of the deputy. “Turn him loose, turn him loose dog,” an unidentified male says. “Don’t get yourself into trouble.”

With the sirens of BSO backup approaching, another male begs him to “be smart and let go of his leg.” The neighbors warn Pierre that other officers are coming.

Another deputy enters the frame with gun drawn. BSO has identified this deputy as Steven Briggs. Neighbors continue to beg Pierre to let go of the deputy. The video shows Pierre kicking the deputy on the ground while holding his leg. The deputy with gun maintains a distance while Pierre drags the deputy on the ground.

Suddenly, Pierre lets go of the deputy on the ground and makes a move toward the deputy with the gun drawn. Shots are fired. Pierre runs a few feet before falling in the parking lot.

Out of respect for his family, REDBROWARD has chosen not to show video of the mortally wounded Pierre.

On Thursday, BSO reported Youngward responded to a domestic disturbance call at the Lauderdale Lakes condominium on NW 21st Street.

“Witnesses said Pierre struck, punched and kicked [Deputy] Youngward,” BSO said in a news release Thursday. “Youngward tried to stop the violent attack by deploying his Taser and using his ASP (extending baton). Neither form of less-lethal force stopped Pierre from assaulting him.