City Manager Says Pembroke Pines Commissioner & Spouse Running Illegal “Inquisition” Of City Employees

City manager Charlie Dodge stunned his bosses at last week’s City Commission retreat with accusations that one Commissioner was violating the city charter by conducting an “inquisition” of employees. At the end of the meeting, Dodge told Mayor Frank Ortis he had one last item to discuss. Dodge laid out evidence that a fellow commissioner […]

Pembroke Pines Vice Mayor Responds: Commissioner Jay Schwartz Is “Sad Figure Who Self-Destructed…. Drunk With Greed, Envy & Ambition.”

Last week, REDBROWARD revealed Pembroke Pines Commissioner Jay Schwartz and his wife were running the campaign of the political newcomer challenging Vice Mayor Angelo Castillo. Records show Jay Schwartz is the campaign treasurer for candidate Dave Tringo. In addition to hosting a fundraiser for Tringo, Commissioner Schwartz spends considerable time and money promoting Tringo across […]

Pembroke Pines Commissioner Jay Schwartz & Wife Running Campaign For Opponent Of Vice-Mayor Angelo Castillo

Squabbles among politicians serving on the same boards are nothing new, but the upcoming elections in Pembroke Pines have taken it to a whole new level. State and local records show Pembroke Pines Commissioner Jay Schwartz is very involved in Dave Tringo’s campaign against Pembroke Pines Vice-Mayor Angelo Castillo. But the same records show the […]