City Manager Says Pembroke Pines Commissioner & Spouse Running Illegal “Inquisition” Of City Employees

City manager Charlie Dodge stunned his bosses at last week’s City Commission retreat with accusations that one Commissioner was violating the city charter by conducting an “inquisition” of employees. At the end of the meeting, Dodge told Mayor Frank Ortis he had one last item to discuss. Dodge laid out evidence that a fellow commissioner “intimidated” city employees to the point they “feared retaliation” if they did not cooperate.

Charlie Dodge said, “It is really unfortunate today that I feel compelled to bring your attention…to an ongoing problem…I believe is an ongoing violation of our city charter by a member of the city commission.” He said, “There’s no other way to address this issue in a private way because that could be a violation of sunshine laws.” Dodge said he hoped for “a development of trust,” but the commissioner repeatedly questioned staff about issues and their supervisors.

Dodge said the Commissioner’s questioning “intimidated” employees and they “feared retaliation” if they did not answer the questions. Dodge said the questioning amounted to “interference with administration” which is a clear violation of the city charter.

Dodge said he shared an item to be discussed at that very meeting with one commissioner. The item was a briefing on discussions between staff and representatives of North Perry Airport. After discussing the item with the Commissioner, Dodge said he received a phone call from North Perry Airport officials asking why they had not been invited to the meeting.

Dodge said this was just the latest example of this Commissioner’s attempts to “derail” his administration.

In addition to spreading”misinformation” about Pembroke Pines water quality, Dodge said this Commissioner provided a “constant criticism of employees.”

Dodge said even the spouse of this Commissioner would contact employees to ask the same questions. Dodge called this behavior “totally unethical.”

“I want it to stop,” Dodge said. “It needs to stop.”


The Pembroke Pines Commission was stunned by Charlie Dodge’s report. Mayor Frank Ortis said contacting Perry Airport officials was “wrong” and “undermined” city staff. Calling the news was “embarrassing,” Vice Mayor Angelo Castillo apologized to city staff. City Attorney Sam Goren stated the sharing of privileged information from labor discussions, shade meetings and other issues could lead to criminal penalties. Castillo said there needs to be an investigation to see if a crime was committed. Saying her head was spinning, Commissioner Iris Siple apologized to staff. She called the alleged behavior “bullying” of city employees. Siple said she was thinking “holy *#$” while listening to Dodge. She said the behavior is “very serious stuff that [not only] crossed the line, it erased the line.” Newly appointed Commissioner Ismael Monroig said he learned in private business to respect the chain command. Monroig told Dodge he would discuss disagreements with him personally. He said he would never treat staffers so poorly. City Commissioner Jay Schwartz did not take the opportunity to address the matter and the meeting was adjourned.


Some Pembroke Pines insiders believe Charlie Dodge’s remarks were aimed at Commissioner Jay Schwartz. During the Perry Airport discussion, Schwartz smugly declared he would give real “facts” about Airport issues. Schwartz rarely fails to mention his love of flying his small airplane.

Why didn’t Jay Schwartz speak on the matter at the Commission retreat?

We asked Jay Schwartz for comment. We will update story if he responds.

Pembroke Pines Vice Mayor Responds: Commissioner Jay Schwartz Is “Sad Figure Who Self-Destructed…. Drunk With Greed, Envy & Ambition.”

Jay Schwartz and Stacey Schwartz

Last week, REDBROWARD revealed Pembroke Pines Commissioner Jay Schwartz and his wife were running the campaign of the political newcomer challenging Vice Mayor Angelo Castillo. Records show Jay Schwartz is the campaign treasurer for candidate Dave Tringo. In addition to hosting a fundraiser for Tringo, Commissioner Schwartz spends considerable time and money promoting Tringo across social media.

State and local records show the Tringo campaign paid a company owned by Stacey Schwartz for campaign consulting. Commissioner Jay Schwartz did not respond to our request for comment on the matter. But Vice Mayor Angelo Castillo did discuss the matter.

Last Wednesday, Vice Mayor Castillo left a lengthy reply on the Redbroward Facebook page. Castillo said Jay Schwartz has become “paid political operative” because he is “drunk with greed, envy, and ambition.” Castillo wrote he mentored Schwartz over the last ten years, becoming good friends. He said he even helped to get him elected.

Castillo claims the relationship turned sour after Pines Mayor Frank Ortiz announced his retirement.

Castillo says he told Schwartz of his plans to run for Pembroke Pines Mayor. Castillo wrote, “I told my friend about it expecting him to be happy for me. As I had been for him. But he was not happy. I was shocked.”

Castillo said Schwartz has been on a “two year tirade of lies and childish political behavior.” A quick review of Schwartz’s social media pages show a steady barrage of attacks on Castillo.

Castillo’s full post is below:

“I heard about this last night. This story about Jay is simple. I saw some promise in him about 10 years ago so I mentored him, on and off at first and taught him a few things. Helped him get elected. It took a while because he’s stubborn. But ultimately he listened and we got him elected on his second try. Became good friends along the way. I thought. Then Frank Ortis announced that he was retiring. I talked it over with friends and family, and decided to take the step voters had been asking of me for years — to run for mayor. So, I told my friend about it expecting him to be happy for me. As I had been for him. But he was not happy. I was shocked. The relationship changed in that very instant. He chose to end and betray a friendship over it. He then went on a two year tirade of lies and childish political behavior that I chose to permit so he could reveal himself. In so doing he has alienated an entire city. To see it happen broke my heart but worse it has disappointed many, many more. Now, I had nothing to do with this story being published but I’m not surprised by it. It was a stupid move to put another man’s campaign cash into the family pocket. Nobody can ever trust his votes now. He brought this upon himself drunk with greed, envy and ambition — something a mature man would have waited for and cultivated intelligently. After all, he just got there and is therefore understandably undistinguished as an elected official. Anyway, the truth is I taught him most of what he knows. But only a fraction of what I know. He’s destroyed himself now with this move. None of his votes can ever be trusted again — he is a paid political operative now. And I’m very disappointed to see it. More so, I’m disappointed that I did not see those basic flaws in him. I had such high hopes for Jay. Perhaps I didn’t look hard enough. He will be remembered as a sad figure who self-destructed out of personal failings. It is a sad thing to see. And seeing it gives me no joy whatsoever. What a waste.”

Pembroke Pines Commissioner Jay Schwartz & Wife Running Campaign For Opponent Of Vice-Mayor Angelo Castillo

Squabbles among politicians serving on the same boards are nothing new, but the upcoming elections in Pembroke Pines have taken it to a whole new level. State and local records show Pembroke Pines Commissioner Jay Schwartz is very involved in Dave Tringo’s campaign against Pembroke Pines Vice-Mayor Angelo Castillo. But the same records show the Commissioner is not the only member of the Schwartz household involved in the Tringo campaign.

On March 16, 2017 Dave Tringo filed campaign paperwork for the Pembroke Pines District 4 seat currently held by Angelo Castillo. In a highly unusual move, Commissioner Jay Schwartz was listed as Tringo’s campaign treasurer. While politicians are often involved behind the scenes, they rarely put their names on campaign paperwork. Schwartz listed his home address on NW 16th street as well as his campaign email, “”

Five days later, the wife of Commissioner Jay Schwartz filed paperwork with the State of Florida creating a new business entity–Blue Skies Management Group, Inc. Stacey Schwartz is listed as the president of this new corporation located at the Schwartz home on NW 16th Street in Pembroke Pines.

According to Pembroke Pines election reports, the Tringo campaign paid Blue Skies Management Group for consulting work. On April 6, 2017, the Tringo campaign made a $1,500 payment to Blue Skies Management Group. On September 1, 2017, Blue Skies Management Group received a $800 payment from the Tringo campaign.

Each payment incorrectly lists “Blue Skies Management Group LLC” as the recipient instead of Blue Skies Management Group Inc. In most campaigns, the treasurer is responsible for properly recording payments and filing campaign treasurer reports.

In addition to his wife making $2,300 off the Tringo campaign, Commissioner Jay Schwartz has aggressively promoted the campaign on social media. Pembroke Pines records show Schwartz spent $100 to promote a Tringo fundraiser in June 2017.

Also, Commissioner Jay Schwartz is the sole endorsement listed on the Tringo website.

We wanted to know why Commissioner Jay Schwartz had no issue profiting from the campaign against his fellow commissioner.

Specifically, we asked Commissioner Jay Schwartz if he believed it was proper that a family member profited from a campaign against a fellow commissioner especially when he holds an official role in that same campaign.

REDBROWARD will update story if Commissioner Jay Schwartz responds.