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Broward Democrat Consultants, Former Candidate Sign Onto Anti-Sheriff Scott Israel Campaign

According to multiple sources, James Fondo will be the latest Democrat challenger to Broward Sheriff Scott Israel. These sources tell REDBROWARD Fondo, a retired Broward Sheriff’s Office (BSO) employee, will file for the race within the next week. Unlike previous challengers, Fondo’s campaign will be aided by a shadowy political committee, Citizens Over Public Safety (COPS).

In January 2013, Fondo, one of many “high ranking pals” of former Broward Sheriff Al Lamberti, received a “sick payout” before Scott Israel took control of BSO. According to Bob Norman of WPLG Local 10, Lamberti paid $142, 956 to Fondo. On Facebook, Fondo states he current works for SIG 9, a Sunrise private investigation firm.

In 1990, Fondo made headlines for his actions on the FOX television program COPS. According to the Sun-Sentinel, Fondo’s mishandling of a bag of cocaine forced the Broward State Attorney to drop charges against Dania Beach drug dealers. A Broward judge stated videotape from an episode of COPS contradicted Fondo’s sworn testimony.

Fondo took the stand on Friday and testified that he saw four men, including Ford, 19, huddled around a bench at Modello Park in Dania. He stopped his car and watched them cutting up cocaine, he said. As he got out of the car, he saw Ford drop a plastic bag near the bench, he said.” A cameraman for the program testified Ford was not seen dropping the bag. Fondo claimed television producers asked him to re-enact the dropping of the bag. “Cops producer John Langley released a statement in November saying that the TV show does not air re-enactments and that the show`s crews are advised of this before they go into the field.”

Fondo is a close friend of Louis Granteed, Sheriff Israel’s Democrat challenger in 2012. Fondo’s Facebook page is filled with pictures of him and Granteed attending family events. But Granteed is not Fondo’s biggest backer in local politics.

Sources say James Chinn, a former BSO official, is funding the Citizens Over Public Safety political committee. Two sources claim the committee will launch direct attacks on Sheriff Israel. The committee will allow fondo to stay above the fray.

These sources claim Chinn met with local Democrat consultant Dan Lewis about running the anti-Israel campaign.

Duke Running For Fort Lauderdale Commission

Walter Duke is running for a seat on the Fort Lauderdale City Commission. Duke and his wife Lisa recently moved to east Fort Lauderdale. Duke is the former Mayor of Dania Beach. He is seeking the District 4 seat currently held by Romney Rogers.

 The election will be held in 2018.

Duke was the driving force behind the revitalization of Dania Beach. He spearheaded the projects to rebuild the marina and pier projects on the beach and brought new businesses and hotels to the US 1 corridor.

“Walter Duke is the President of Walter Duke + Partners, an internationally known commercial real estate valuation advisory company that has been based in Fort Lauderdale since 1975, making it one of the oldest of its kind in Broward County. The firm has completed over 20,000 assignments in Florida during its 40 years in business including over 3,000 assignments in the City of Fort Lauderdale alone. Interesting local assignments have included Lago Mar, Las Olas Riverfront, Bonnet House, Irelands Inn, Shooters, Maguire’s Hill 16, Causeway Lumber, the McCrory Building, most every tower in the downtown district, Riverside Hotel and most of the Las Olas shopping district. 

Duke’s family moved to Fort Lauderdale in 1956 and his maternal grandparents raised their six children at their home in Coral Ridge. Duke and his wife, Lisa are supportive of a number of charitable and civic organizations and Duke is also the former Mayor of Dania Beach, Broward’s oldest city. Together they have three grown children, Kate, 22 near the top of her class at Nova Southeastern College of Nursing, Chloe, 21, a UF grad and rising star at local advertising powerhouse Zimmerman Advertising and Connor, 20, who is autistic and reminds the family daily about what is really important. Their two rescue dog Kaze and Cooper round out the family home in Rio Vista.   
Duke is a graduate of Lauderdale Leadership Class III, a Trustee member of Riverwalk Trust, member of Historic Stranahan House & Museum and was recently honored along with his wife Lisa as a couple of Style and Substance by The Symphony of the America’s and also published as a Power Couple by Gold Coast Fort Lauderdale Magazine. In 2014 the Marine Industries Association bestowed Duke its highest honor, the Golden Anchor Award for his lifetime of industry contribution and achievement.”