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Pompano Beach Commish Barry Moss Loses African-American Support

Barry Moss

Barry Moss

Pompano Beach Commissioner Barry Moss is feeling the heat from his African-American constituents following a campaign forum last week. Moss, a Democrat, is facing a tough challenge for his District 5 seat from Daniel Diaz. At the forum, Diaz mentioned the predominantly African-American “Collier City” section of Pompano Beach. Diaz got under Moss’ skin when he accused Moss of ignoring Collier City for the predominantly white neighborhood of Palm-Aire.

According to Diaz, Moss tried to argue that only a small portion of Collier City was in District 5. Even though they are running for the District 5 seat, Diaz promised to work hard to help all Pompano Beach residents.

Many Collier City residents responded to Diaz. “[Moss] don’t care to know about us,” said King Kevin Dorival. “When asked what has he done for my city? Nothing.”

Resident David Miller said Mayor Lamar Fisher, “Thankfully picked up on the movement in Collier because [Moss] never showed a concern.”