Court Of Appeals Reverses Broward Judge Matthew Destry (AGAIN?!?)

Once again, the 4th District Court of Appeals has overturned a prison sentence handed down by Broward County Circuit Court Judge Matthew “Matt” Destry.  After being convicted on low-level drug charges, Destry sentenced Maxime Cherilus to ten years in prison. Broward prosecutors were seeking an 18 month prison term. In a decision released today, the […]


Dan Lewis’ political clients might be in for some serious sticker shock. Lewis’ political committee (Florida’s Democracy Project) just filed its first financial report with the State of Florida. Earlier this week, Lewis took credit for the latest edition of his “fake” endorsement card targeting Broward Democrat voters. According to Buddy Nevins at BrowardBeat, “In his filing […]

Dan Lewis’ Political Client Mailers Share Same Mail Permit As His “Fake” Blue Card

Even though Broward Democrat consultant Dan Lewis tries to distance his clients from his “fake” endorsement card, campaign literature shows Lewis’ clients share the same US Post Office mail permit as his endorsement card. The Florida’s Democracy Project endorsement card has mail permit number 2743. Lewis has admitted being the man behind Florida’s Democracy Project […]