No NFL Game For AT&T Customers In Broward

AT&T Uverse customers in Broward county will not get to watch today’s NFL playoff game between the Seattle Seahawks and the Carolina Panthers. On Saturday, Uverse subscribers lost access to local Fox affiliate WSVN due to a contract dispute. Football fans will need to get creative to watch the game at home.

Viewers with an over-the-air (OTA) antenna can watch the game on channel 7.1 for free. If you don’t want to watch it the old fashioned way, go to to stream the game. Thanks to AT&T and WSVN for making our lives a little bit more difficult. 


“Help Me Howard” Files For Re-Election

“Help Me” Howard Finkelstein finally filed for re-election as the Broward County Public Defender. Many Broward insiders started rumor-mongering when Finkelstein failed to file late last year. Some belived he would run against Mike Satz for the Broward State Attorney position.

Finkelstein, a fixture on the WSVN Channel 7 “Help Me Howard segments, should have an easy road to re-election.