Ilene Lieberman Slams Missing Millionaire Wife On Fox News, While Miami Herald Backs Her Opponent Ilene Lieberman got some face time on FOX NEWS today bashing the missing millionaire’s wife in court last week. Lieberman, Broward’s mango expert, repesents Guma Aguiar’s mother Ellen. Lieberman’s  face off against Broward legal eagle Bill Scherer reminds us of the time Fredric March tangled with Spencer Tracy. But the players in this case […]

Ilene Lieberman Gets Booed, Exits Stage Left Heavens to Murgatroyd! Ilene Lieberman got booed before last night’s Broward Republican Executive Committee meeting and made a hasty retreat out a side door. Lieberman (D-Mango) made her exit stage left following the thunderous applause for her opponent, Katherine “Katie” McHugh.

The RED BROWARD Judicial Teaser

Do you know your Broward judicial candidates? 1. Which Broward judicial candidate represents one of Broward’s most notorious and corrupt politicians? (save us the “everyone deserves representation” b.s.) 2. Which Broward judicial candidate may be facing a complaint for not following the campaign rules? Place your bets! Judgment is coming….