A Fire Will Rise…




RedBrowardRising1 (1)The past week has been marked with more than the typical turbulence for our site, Red Broward. Critics of Red Broward cheered as the site’s web presence was disrupted after a case of injured pride on the part of several members of the Broward Republican party.

Red Broward has consistently called attention to the antics and bad behaviors of public servants- regardless of political affiliation – when their actions have been inappropriate, less than ethical, or just plain embarrassing. One of these recent exposés bruised the egos of a few members of the Republican Party here in Broward, resulting in a cyber retaliation against the Red Broward website.

We are humbled by The Daily Broward’s offer to provide a home, temporary though it may be, for the Red Broward crew. We look forward to sharing our wit and insight stuff with their readers.

In legend, the phoenix would burn up and be reborn, stronger and more brilliant than before it’s passing. We proudly join the pages of Daily Broward.

Broward Judge Feren No Stranger To Scandal

From Thomas Francis of New Times 2007:

“On condition of anonymity, a source claiming close ties to the trash-hauling industry provided New Times with what he called an invoice. It was undated and signed by a former All Service manager, listing several registered lobbyists and next to each name was a dollar figure. Alongside the name Feren was the figure $50,000.

It was a payment, alleged the source, made by All Service to Feren in exchange for his lobbying services. It occurred in 1996, the same year he returned to the Sunrise City Commission.

Feren did not respond to several messages and e-mails inquiring about the $50,000 — whether he received it and, if so, when he did so and what he provided in exchange. It is not clear from the invoice whether the payment represented a debt for services already performed or for those he might perform in the future.”


The Broward way

Did we miss the memo? Is fighting corruption a right/left thing? Ever wonder where the money went? Ever wonder why kids are graduating? Ever wonder why schools are falling apart? Ever wonder why the well-connected get cushy jobs? Ever wonder why the media won’t connect the dots?

Why did the Miami Herald and Sun-Sentinel report Sylvia Poitier was charged with “misconduct”? Did she talk during naptime? Did she bring beer into the sorority house?

Remember Vicente Thrower? He’s from Deerfield too. Judge Feren made the news today. Now, Diana Wasserman Rubin (previously charged) has to hear her hubby is facing tax evasion charges. Rubin was a lobbyist for lots of Broward cities, while his old lady was Broward County Commissioner.

A sitting School Board member is being investigated for assaulting his opponent. Another School Board member spews racist filth without punishment.

Another Broward County employee is telling tales to the authorities about her role in the Chait mess.

Had enough yet? Rumors abound that Florida Governor Rick Scott has had enough.

Somebody do something!