U.S. Jets Down Chinese Spy Balloon Off The Carolina Coast

We bid you adieu!

2 thoughts on “U.S. Jets Down Chinese Spy Balloon Off The Carolina Coast

  1. Bull shit

    You people really believe China sailed a balloon here to spy on us? Is there any limit to what you believe or don’t believe. Like the war in Ukraine 😂 Covid came from CHYNA UKRAINE. It went to Wuhan before coming here. Putin is bombing bio labs funded by the CIA & other deep staters. STOP watching the news. I recommend you go watch DEREK JOHNSON on YouTube or beforeitsnews.com Have you heard about the children being held for AdrenoChrome? This world is run by Satan worshippers. Go look at the Denver Airport or the layout of the streets in DC. NESARA is here – gold backed money. Did you know your burg certificate is traded on the stock market? We are t people we are certified vessels per the U.S. government. Every time we take a loan it comes out of value of your birth certificate then we make payments & pay the money back to the birth certificate. Everyone needs to wake up
    & see what’s really going on. The world is changing



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