Barbara Miller: Blogger

The Bloggers

Oh how the mighty have fallen.

Breaking news from aboard a luxury around-the-world cruise—Barbara Miller is a blogger. Her husband James “Uncle Jimmy” Miller made the announcement from aboard the Seabourn near Central America. Miller said Barbara would co-write his daily Facebook blog.

So far, the Millers have enjoyed ports of call in Key West, Belize, and Guatemala. Aunt Barbara has enjoyed fine meals and caviar while Uncle Jimmy leads a revolt for free dry cleaning and access to NFL playoff games.

While the Millers enjoy the six-figure cruise, reporters from New York seek comment on Barbara’s role with the FTX Hackathon. As first reported by REDBROWARD, Miller ran the Hackathon with help from her brother Joe Bankman and Broward School Board Member Debbi Hixon. FTX was founder by Miller’s nephew Sam Bankman-Fried a.k.a SBF.


2 thoughts on “Barbara Miller: Blogger

  1. SoWhat

    Her nephew has been arrested. And that has to do with Barbara Miller how? Jeez, John Wilkes Booth’s brother, Edwin, was an esteemed nationally known actor. Does Red Broward want to smear Edwin Booth too?


  2. Unconvinced

    Barbara Miller worked for and recruited employees for FTX, even if SBF wasn’t her nephew she is a person of interest as reporters begin uncovering the elaborate scheme to rip off FTX investors. Her hand has been in the cookie jar throughout FTX’s scheme, and she’s got explaining to do! But she’ll continue to hide and slip (ship) around hoping the rest of us will forget! We won’t forget and the hundreds if not thousands of victims will not forget!



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