Out Of Uniform: Why Did Sheriff Gregory Tony Speak To MSD Commission In Suit And Tie?

Sheriff Gregory Tony Was Out Of Uniform On Tuesday.

Broward Sheriff Gregory Tony addressed the Marjory Stoneman Douglas Commission on Tuesday in Sunrise. Most news accounts detailed Tony’s answers regarding who answers the 911 calls in Parkland. But it’s Tony’s wardrobe that caught the eyes of some political insiders.

Gregory Tony loves to make public appearances wearing his dark green BSO uniform adorned with five gold stars. But on Tuesday, Tony appeared at the MSD Commission meeting in a civilian suit and tie. Now, insiders wonder if Tony’s attire signaled his surrender in a certification battle.

In June, a three person panel of the Criminal Justice Standards & Training Commission (CJS&TC) found probable cause to revoke Tony’s certification as a law enforcement officer. According to The Florida Bulldog website, the full commission is set to meet in August to determine the final outcome. If he loses certification, Tony would “no longer be a police officer, and would lose not only the ability to make an arrest, but his right to wear his sheriff’s uniform and the five stars he boasts on his collar.”

Perhaps Tony’s uniform was still at the dry cleaners?

Luckily, he wasn’t wearing his speedo.

Stay tuned.

3 thoughts on “Out Of Uniform: Why Did Sheriff Gregory Tony Speak To MSD Commission In Suit And Tie?

  1. Marty McFly

    Tony filed a last minute appeal to have his Probable Cause case be reviewed by an administrative law judge. Does change the outcome, just postpones the whole process. Its funny how he utilizes every legal manuever for his benefit but denies his deputies due process.


  2. Therealtruth

    I still can’t understand why Desantis hasn’t removed Tony after the investigation revealed he committed criminal perjury numerous times?? Desantis said he was reviewing the FDLE investigation but then disappeared. What does Tony have on Desantis?? Desantis removed people for way less but he leaves Broward residents suffering for some reason.



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