Congresswoman Ilhan Omar Coming To Broward This Week

Get ready for the national spotlight to focus on Broward as controversial Democrat Congresswoman Ilhan Omar comes to Coral Springs on Saturday. Omar, a member of the left-wing “Squad,” will headline the Council On American Islamic Relations (CAIR) banquet at the Marriott Hotel. More to come…

1 thought on “Congresswoman Ilhan Omar Coming To Broward This Week

  1. Andrea Joy Frankel-Bellitto

    Joe Kaufman will be leading a protest. Joyce Kaufman radio host, and many more will be there in protest of this anti Semitic, anti American hateful woman and her ilk. My name is Andrea Joy Frankel-Bellitto. I am The former president of The Conservative/Republican Club Of Wynmoor and The Fraternal Order Of Police Local 5 of Parkland. AND I am a Messianic AMERICAN JEW! I take exception to this woman and find her comments in the past about Jews and Israel AND 9/11 very offensive. We WILL protest!



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