Another Facebook Photo Flub For Sarahnell Murphy Campaign

Like many Broward residents, Sarahnell Murphy took to Facebook to thank first responders for their hard work as Hurricane Dorian approached South Florida. While we were spared the wrath of the storm, it’s commonplace to thank those in harm’s way. But Sarah Murphy is no ordinary resident. She wants to be the next Broward State Attorney.

And Murphy has a history of posting photo flubs on Facebook.

On Friday, the official Sarahnell Murphy campaign posted the following picture:

Just a simple “thank you” to first responders and linemen on a photograph of a south Florida beach, right?

If you look closely, you can see there is a sign on the building on the pier.

It reads “Flagler Beach.” Where is Flagler Beach?

Flagler Beach is about 257 miles north of Broward county.

Did the Murphy campaign use a stock photo of a Florida beach without recognizing the landmarks? Did they lift an actual “thank you” post intended for Flagler Beach first responders?

Did the Murphy campaign run this post by her big supporter Judy Stern?

Back in July, REDBROWARD exposed the Sarahnell Murphy campaign’s attempt to hide pictures of supporters like lobbyist Judy Stern and former Broward Health Chairman David DiPietro.

On July 11th, Murphy’s husband, Richard Merlino posted nearly forty photographs taken at a her fundraiser in Fort Lauderdale. Once again, it was the standard campaign Facebook post: smiling supporters enjoying drinks and conversation at Timpano restaurant on Las Olas. Just one big problem. Several photographs featured lobbyist Judy Stern.

Perhaps the naive Richard Merlino did not realize the political baggage Judy Stern can bring to a political campaign. Days earlier, Merlino posted a thank you message to Sarahnell Murphy’s campaign team which included Judy Stern.

When REDBROWARD shared Merlino’s photograph of Judy Stern chatting with David Di Pietro at Murphy’s event. Minutes later, the photograph was removed from Merlino’s original post.

According to Facebook, Richard Merlino deleted 35 photographs from his Murphy campaign post. All photographs of Stern and Di Pietro vanished. He also removed numerous tags he made of friends and supporters. The Judy Stern thank you message has disappeared as well.

Will Democrat voters support a candidate who cannot make error-free social media posts?

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