Scott Israel Takes Big Fundraising Lead In Broward Sheriff Race

Even though he just entered the campaign, Scott Israel jumped into a big fundraising lead for the 2020 Broward Sheriff’s race. Israel hauled in 116 contributions totaling $76,210 for his Democratic Party campaign. Israel was removed from office by Governor Ron DeSantis.

Broward Sheriff Gregory Tony, the man Governor DeSantis picked to replace Israel, has yet to file campaign paperwork. Last month, Broward School Board Member Lori Alhadeff held a fundraiser for a political committee supporting Sheriff Tony. So far, the Broward First political committee has reported $22,600 in contributions from three donors. Tony is a registered Democrat.

Democrat Al Pollock’s campaign reports $21,410 in contributions from 75 supporters.

The rest of the Democrat field is far behind. Andrew Smalling Of Lauderdale Lakes reports $14,732 in contributions. Santiago Vazquez raised $7,535 while Willie Jones reports just $4,949 in contributions.

According to his campaign reports, Raymond Hicks has not raised any money.

On the Republican side, H. Wayne Clark has raised $2,125 since joining the race in May.

Perennial candidate David Rosenthal (CPF-No Chance) raised $1,860 while managing to spend $2,232 for his 2020 bid.

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