Scott Israel Officially Running For Broward Sheriff

On Monday afternoon, former Broward Sheriff Scott Israel announced he wants his old job back. In a Facebook post, Israel said:

This morning I filed to run for Sheriff in the 2020 election.

I’ve been honored to serve as Broward’s elected Sheriff, overwhelmingly reelected in 2016. In my six years as Sheriff we were successful in significantly reducing violent crime and burglaries, we lowered recidivism rates, and kept the mentally ill and homeless out of our jails. We have forged relationships in communities that truly mattered and improved lives.

Over the last several months I have travelled throughout Broward County meeting with residents and am thankful for their kindness and strong support.

I’m anxious to get back to work.

1 thought on “Scott Israel Officially Running For Broward Sheriff

  1. Susan Mishkin

    Caris… meet Tom Lauder… he’s the best.

    Okay I found CGHS FL Annual Report on line but for 2 years ago… of course CGHS in NC already has there latest annual report up.



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