Sun Sentinel Editor-In-Chief: “The Reporter Didn’t Apologize” To Khurrum Wahid Campaign

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Last week, REDBROWARD revealed a Broward elected official falsely claimed the Sun-Sentinel apologized for running a biography of Khurrum Wahid, a candidate for the Coral Springs city commission. Alissa Jean Schafer, a member of the Broward Soil & Water Board, claimed the newspaper apologized for correctly stating Wahid’s legal representation of terror suspects. Schafer even claimed a fact-filled story about Wahid’s legal work could lead to violence.

Lisa Huraish, the Sun-Sentinel reporter who wrote the Wahid story, quickly responded. Huraish categorically denied any apology was made. She wrote, “ I just want to set the record straight here. Yes, we did update the story after a candidate, Khurrum Wahid, issued a response, including why he has represented terrorism suspects. We did this out of fairness, to provide more explanation and context. The first story was accurate, and we never apologized for it. That’s the full truth.

The Khurrum Wahid campaign never responded to our requests for comment.

Last night, REDBROWARD caught up with Wahid and Schafer at a candidate forum in Coral Springs.

Schafer doubled-down In her claims the Sun-Sentinel issued an apology. When asked why she claimed an apology was made, Schafer said, “Why? I have an email showing she did.” Schafer then laughed while running away from our camera.

We showed our video to Julie Anderson, the Editor-in-Chief of the Pulitzer Prize winning South Florida Sun-Sentinel.

Anderson said,”The reporter didn’t apologize for her story. We reiterate that it was accurate.”

The Wahid campaign is paying Schafer and her Copper Stamp Strategy company for communication consulting. Is this the type of communications Wahid would approve if elected? Even more troubling, Schafer worked for current Coral Springs Commissioner Joshua Simmons. Will voters be able to trust what commissioners say if Alissa Schafer keeps spewing fake news?

Coral Springs voters deserve the truth before the June 18, 2019 election.

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