Khurrum Wahid Hiding Role As Lobbyist From Coral Springs Voters

City commission candidate Khurrum Wahid continues to hide key details about his resume from Coral Springs voters. Last week, REDBROWARD detailed how Wahid failed to list his role as legal advisor for the Council On American Islamic Relations (CAIR) on his campaign website. While Wahid vaguely touted his experience as a civil rights lawyer, the Sun-Sentinel detailed his work as defense counsel to numerous terrorism suspects, some with ties to al-Qaeda. REDBROWARD exposed the Wahid campaign’s bullying of the Sun-Sentinel. One Wahid campaign supporter even falsely claimed the newspaper reporter apologized to Wahid.

Khurrum Wahid’s official website still does not reflect his longtime role with CAIR. The site says Wahid is a, “Longtime civil rights advocate…and has spent the better part of the last 20 years defending human rights and devoting his time to community and public service.” The Wahid campaign page on Facebook lists his roles with other organizations such as the Emgage political committee, the Florida Bar, the Kosyak Minority Mentoring Foundation and the Miami Coalition Of Christians And Jews. But Coral Springs voters will not find any information about of Khurrum Wahid’s other line of work–lobbyist.

While the Sun-Sentinel story called Wahid’s Emgage (formerly Emerge) an “American Muslim lobbying organization,” it is clear his role as a lobbyist goes beyond civil rights issues. As a lobbyist, Khurrum Wahid handles “corporate interests” and even politicians.

The website for the Wahid Vizcaino law firm states:

Mr. Wahid is also a partner at Barreiro Geller and Wahid Consulting, a lobbying firm…. lobbies local, state, and federal government agencies in order to leverage relationships for the benefit of corporate interests. Additionally, BGW Consulting manages several elected officials public images and election efforts.

State records show Wahid formed the company with David Geller, a local attorney who works with State Rep. Annette Taddeo (D-Miami) and Gus Barreiro, a former Republican elected official from Miami Dade county in January 2016.

The link for BGW Consulting redirects visitors to the website. This is his personal website, not the official campaign website provided to voters. No information regarding BGW Consulting is provided.

But the Koyzak Minority Mentoring Foundation states, “[Board member] Khurrum [Wahid] is also a partner at Barreiro, Geller and Wahid, which provides lobbying and strategic advice to clients while incorporating social media and graphic design solutions.”

Also listed on the Khurrum Wahid website is an entry for “Axcis Partners Government Affairs Consulting.” No details other than “coming soon” are provided.

The Axcis Partners website says the group offers “campaign support” to candidates in “partisan and non-partisan campaigns throughout the State of Florida.  Our Campaign team provides campaigns with general consulting, media consulting, messaging, branding, fundraising, strategic introductions, grassroots and grasstops services, data modeling and metrics, vote targeting, and GOTV.”

But Axcis Partners offers more than campaign help.

Their website claims, “Acxis Partners specializes in services focused on governmental affairs, including procurement, contracts, regulations, legislation, and advocacy. Our experience and knowledge of the subject matter, and understanding the processes, helps our clients to achieve their objectives.” In other words, Axcis Partners can be your lobbyists.

Khurrum Wahid, Gus Barreiro and Adam Geller, brother of David Geller, are listed as the principals of Axcis Partners.

State records show Axcis Partners was created in November 2018. Two months later, Khurrum Wahid began his run for Coral Springs City Commission Seat 2.

The required 2019 Corporation Report was signed by Khurrum Wahid on April 30, 2019.

Why doesn’t Khurrum Wahid tell voters he is a lawyer and a lobbyist?

Who are lobbyist Khurrum Wahid’s local clients?

Who are lobbyist Khurrum Wahid’s State clients?

Who are lobbyist Khurrum Wahid’s Federal clients?

Who are lobbyist Khurrum Wahid’s political clients?

Would any of lobbyist Khurrum Wahid’s clients create a conflict of interest if he wins a seat on the Coral Springs City Commission?

Would any of Khurrum Wahid’s clients benefit if he wins a seat on the Coral Springs City Commission?

Is Khurrum Wahid a registered lobbyist?

What else is Khurrum Wahid keeping from voters?

Khurrum Wahid has not responded to requests for comment. We will update story if campaign responds.

Coral Springs voters deserve answers before the June 18th election.

3 thoughts on “Khurrum Wahid Hiding Role As Lobbyist From Coral Springs Voters

  1. City activist Robert Walsh

    Very unsettling to see a lobbyist running for elected office.One would think either u ditch the lobbying etc to run for elected office.Its either one or the other.Whats your motivation.Is it to better the residents u want to govern,or do u want to be a loobyist and hustle for your clients in front of the elected officials.U cannot have your cake and eat it to…Good way to play both hands( lobby/ elected officials) to end up in jail( yes)…


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