Commission Candidate Khurrum Wahid Wants To “Change” Coral Springs Into “Progressive” City

Commission candidate Khurrum Wahid wants to turn Coral Springs into a “progressive” city. Wahid is running for seat 2 on the Coral Springs commission in June. Wahid, an attorney, is the founder of the Emgage political action committee. He spoke to the Broward Young Democrats on Monday.

Wahid wanted to continue the “change” platform started by mayoral candidate Nancy Metayer, a member of the progressive New Leaders Council of Broward (NLC). She lost her March 2019 election to Democrat Scott Brook but finished ahead of Republican Vince Boccard. Wahid called Metayer’s support of his campaign “the best endorsement.”

Here’s what Wahid said last night. Is this the kind of change Coral Springs residents want from their leaders? What does Wahid want to change?

“We can make history. We can change the City of Coral Springs and continue the work Nancy [Metayer] started and you’re all supporting.

Nancy endorsed me yesterday and it’s the best endorsement I’ve gotten so far.

A lot of folks are very excited about this campaign because we’re going to move Coral Springs–more progressive, more in a way that is going to give us all more of a voice, better opportunity.

This is a diverse city and it has to start looking more diverse in its leadership. It has to start speaking to those voices that are currently not being heard.”

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