Adam Putnam: Broward Key To Statewide Victory

Florida Commissioner of Agriculture Adam Putnam believes Broward Republicans are the key to statewide victory in 2018. Speaking to a packed house at the Southwest Broward Republican Organization meeting in Pembroke Pines, Putnam said Republican votes in South Florida were key to Donald Trump’s victory in 2016 over Hillary Clinton. Even though outnumbered by Democrats, Broward County has the highest concentration of Republicans in the State of Florida.

He urged Broward Republicans to keep the momentum going. “Broward can move statewide elections,” Putnam said.

Putnam was in Broward to discuss his candidacy for Florida Governor. Long considered the favorite to replace the term-limited Governor Rick Scott, Putnam said he would still visit all parts of Florida to share his conservative vision for the 21st century. Putnam discussed many topics including tourism, jobs and education. Putnam, a fifth generation Floridian, said voters across the State want government to have minimal involvement in their lives. He said no matter the issue, “freedom does matter.”

1 thought on “Adam Putnam: Broward Key To Statewide Victory


    Putnam better pressure Gov. Scott to fix the Broward Health Board quickly. Otherwise he will lost at least 8,000 votes.



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