Sunrise Commission Candidate Mark Douglas: “I WILL F**KING SMACK YOU!”

Mark Douglas, right, with fellow Jamaican, County Commissioner Dale Holness

Mark Douglas, right, with fellow Jamaican, County Commissioner Dale Holness

Don’t think city level politics are as exciting as Trump vs. Hillary? According to his Facebook post, Sunrise City Commission candidate Mark A. Douglas believes residents, “[D]eserve in their leadership, a person who can understand the issues, who can find solutions and effect positive changes.” However, an email obtained by REDBROWARD shows Douglas is prone to vulgar threats of violence when his “leadership” is questioned.

In his campaign mailer, Douglas touts his service on the Artesia condominium board as a shining example of his “leadership.” Douglas has been the president of the board for the last eight years. Two years ago, the board debated the purchase of building to serve as a community clubhouse. Fellow board member Paul Lipof sent an email questioning the deal for the building. It was a very benign email filled with numbers, charts and projected impacts on dues payments. While Lipof questioned the accuracy of Douglas’ numbers, he was polite and professional. These two words could not describe Douglas’ response.

Douglas, a local attorney, was not happy with Lipof’s email. Douglas wrote:

Paul, go fuck yourself! You fucking twerp. Why don’t you force me to resign????? What you think you are some fucking smart alex [sic] to lecture me about false and misleading information? Tell me this to my face, I will fucking smack you!

Wow. This was a condo board. Imagine what happens if Douglas has to discuss bigger issues on the Sunrise commission. Sunrise government has been colorful since the days of John Lomelo, but threats of violence and “smack” downs?

In a telephone interview with REDBROWARD, Douglas claimed this was an old issue brought up to “smear” him. Douglas claims he and Lipof did not see “eye to eye” on many issues. Douglas admits sending the email, but claims Lipof blew it out of proportion.

Douglas said Lipof filed complaints with the Sunrise police department and the Florida Bar. He said the bar complaints were dismissed. But he was more defensive about the police report. When asked if the Sunrise PD contacted him, Douglas said he was “made aware” of a police report.

When pressed, Douglas said, “I didn’t call the police.” He finally admitted to speaking to a police representative about the matter. Douglas would not explain what he meant by “smack.”

Douglas was equally defensive about his relationship with controversial Broward County Commissioner Dale Holness.

The Jamaican-born Douglas was endorsed by County Commissioner Dale Holness. Douglas’ campaign has received financial support from Holness. But when asked to discuss Holness’ role in the campaign, Douglas said, “no comment.”

Douglas faces off against Vivi Assidon on the November ballot for the Sunrise Commission Group A seat.


Mark Douglas chats with disgraced Broward Judge Matthew Destry

Mark Douglas chats with disgraced Broward Judge Matthew Destry

Douglas, on right, with Dale Holness and Hazelle Rogers

Douglas, on right, with Dale Holness and Hazelle Rogers

5 thoughts on “Sunrise Commission Candidate Mark Douglas: “I WILL F**KING SMACK YOU!”

  1. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz

    How one.brings.up that a the Jamaican Prime.Minister? Is Douglas also connected to a SEPERATION OF CHURCH.N STATE and raises questions.about how AMERICAN.immigrant candidate.Douglas really has become?


  2. Oh

    I’m Mark Douglas told this idiot to go F himself a little honesty is needed with these arse wipes lol. But not in writing
    thou lol… Leave to Red BrowArd to the Muslim and Jamaican smearing.


    1. Mark Douglas

      A total mischaracterization. Firstly this had nothing to do with the Board of which I have been president for 8 years. Paul and I served on the master association board at the time, the first year that residents were able to participate on that board. The “board” was then and is still controlled by the developer and was not debating any purchase as the club house is and continues to be owned by the developer. This was a chain of emails among different leaders of sub associations about the future purchase of an existing club house when the developer moved out, which has still not happened several years later. According to Lipof, we could buy this multi million dollar clubhouse with a loan at 4 % , and dues would go up by less than $25 per household. Great, send me over the bank that will provide several millions in long term financing for what would be a commercial deal at 4%. This was the debate. And no he was not polite and professional. Despite not mentioning him or his figures but pointing out a more rational set of financing numbers and potential realistic increases in assessments, I was personally attacked in a group email and accused of spreading false and misleading information and that I should resign from the board. This despite the fact that this was not a master association board issue but a bunch of residents having a debate.

      In any event, there is too much about this story to be said here except most smart people who read it will see it was a useless attempt to derail my campaign by a certain “cabal”. Yes he did report me to the Florida bar, TWICE. Yes he also had his lawyers call me to settle it and yes he attempted to get me arrested. You be the judge, does this seem sane!? By the way this smart Alex attended Law School. Last time I checked he had not been admitted to the bar and God forbid if he ever is. Ever heard of an “egg shell ego”?

      Needless to say Lipof was being groomed to run in the seat for which I was running and when that didn’t work out the “cabal” backed an individual who 10 stones in a chair would do better. Ooh and by the way there was another candidate in the race but they conveniently chose not to mention him.

      Does anyone who read this wonder what the relevance of the photo of me beside the Muslim sign was to this article? “Scratch head” especially since Yomtov ASSIDON was endorsed by the entity.



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