Broward Circuit Court Candidate Stumped By Bible Question

Broward County Circuit Court candidate Lea Krauss was stumped when asked to name her favorite Bible scripture. Krauss was questioned at a recent public forum hosted by the Broward Women’s Republican Club. Krauss and her opponents, Andrea Gundersen and Maxine Streeter, took questions at Maguires Hill 16 in Fort Lauderdale.

Krauss seemed taken aback by the question. She admitted she could not think of her favorite Bible passage. When she asked the questioner if he had a favorite, the gentleman replied, “yeah, several.”

3 thoughts on “Broward Circuit Court Candidate Stumped By Bible Question

  1. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz

    As a liberal Jewish Democrat I am floored a liberal Jewish Democrat doesnt know our Bible. I really cant believe a Jewish woman can’t come up with a Biblical quote. If she’s a feminist what about Ruth to Naomi in the BOOK OF RUTH? Isn’t that feminist enough.


    1. Non Partisan

      The role of a judge is non partisan and religion doesn’t play a part in it, so who really cares?

      I bet if you went to any house of worship (Christian, Catholic, Jewish, etc.) and asked everyone there to quote a scripture, you’d find others who couldn’t respond either.

      If this is what people are basing a vote on, we’re in really big trouble!


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