REPORT: BSO “Mystery Man”Candidate Surrounded By “Wackos”

Edison Jules, left, with Michael Symonette, center and Anthony Williams on right. Courtesy of The Westside Gazette

Edison Jules, left, with Michael Symonette, center and Anthony Williams on right. Courtesy of The Westside Gazette

A new report claims “Mystery Man” Edison Jules has several new “political wackos” supporting his campaign for Broward County Sheriff. reports Jules shared an event with a man accused of murdering on behalf of a deadly cult and other fringe elements of Broward politics. A picture from event shows Jules with a “sovereign peace officer” who was thrown out of court for refusing to remove his hat.

According to the report, The Westside Gazette, a local newspaper serving the black community, posted an picture of Jules with two other men on Instagram. The newspaper wrote:

Maurice Symonette a/k/a Michael The Black Man will be making his second announcement about running for President in Broward County, Thursday, August 20, 2015 at 6:30 pm.

“This Press Conference and Concert Rally will be held at Club Cinema at 3251 N. Federal Highway in Pompano Beach, FL. Other announcements will be Joe Kaufman for Congress, Eddie Jules for Broward County Sheriff & others.”

DECAPITATION MURDER CHARGES identified Symonette as Maurice Woodside. “As a young man, Woodside became a devout follower of murderous cult leader Yahweh ben Yahweh and changed his name to “Mikael Israel.” Woodside was charged with decapitating a man on orders from Yahweh ben Yahweh. wrote, “Yahweh was convicted of murder conspiracy, while Woodside a/k/a Symonette was charged and acquitted in 1992 of murder for Yahweh.”


The other man picured with Jules and Symonette appears to be Anthony Williams. In July, Williams was escorted from a Broward County courtroom for refusing to removing his hat. According to WSVN, Williams claims to be a “sovereign police officer.”

WSVN investigative reporter Carmel Cafiero said, “Anthony Williams was facing traffic charges when he entered the courtroom of Judge Edward Merrigan. He would leave with a much bigger problem. He refused the judge’s order to remove his hat.” Williams told Judge Merrigan he did not have to remove his hat due to religious beliefs. Williams caused similar courtroom problems in May.

In January 2015, Williams was stopped by BSO for driving a Cadillac bearing a “common law enforcement” license plate. When asked for identification, Williams produced a “Private Attorney General” card.  Willams told the BSO deputy he did not need a valid driver’s license. He was arrested on traffic charges and resisting arrest without violence.

In May, Williams’ court appearance on the charges was just as wild. According to WSVN:

[Williams] challenged another judge, Melinda Brown, as his case moved through the legal system.

Anthony Williams: “Do you have your oath properly filed in this county?”

Judge Melinda Brown: “That’s for me to know, and you to find out. Anything else?”

Anthony Williams: “I need you to answer that question.”

Judge Brown: “No I don’t.”

Anthony Williams: “OK. Deputy, I need you to arrest this judge for violation.”

Judge Melinda Brown: “OK, we’re all gonna stop laughing now.”

Williams appears to be part of the “sovereign citizens” movement. Followers of this ideology believe common law trumps all other law including laws governing taxes, licenses etc. In 2011, the FBI called the sovereign citizens movement a “growing domestic threat to law enforcement.”

According to the FBI, “They could be dismissed as a nuisance, a loose network of individuals living in the United States who call themselves ‘sovereign citizens’ and believe that federal, state, and local governments operate illegally. Some of their actions, although quirky, are not crimes.” But the FBI report noted the chance of violence is great:

However, a closer look at sovereign citizens’ more severe crimes, from financial scams to impersonating or threatening law enforcement officials, gives reason for concern. If someone challenges (e.g., a standard traffic stop for false license plates) their ideology, the behavior of these sovereign-citizen extremists quickly can escalate to violence. Since 2000, lone-offender sovereign-citizen extremists have killed six law enforcement officers. In 2010, two Arkansas police officers stopped sovereign-citizen extremists Jerry Kane and his 16-year-old son Joseph during a routine traffic stop on Interstate 40. Joseph Kane jumped out of the vehicle and opened fire with an AK-47 assault rifle, killing both officers.


Earlier this week, REDBROWARD reported Jules had met 4 times with David L. Rosenthal, a Broward-based conspiracy theorist. On Saturday night, Rosenthal implored local tea party leaders to support Jules, a Democrat, in the 2016 election for sheriff. Jules is running for the Democrat nomination against Broward Sheriff Scott Israel. Rosenthal claimed Jules had the support of former Sheriff Al Lamberti, a Republican. Lamberti’s role was confirmed by Tom Nadler, a former BSO captain working for the Jules campaign.

Rosenthal was not pleased with report. He urged his small group of followers to protest outside REDBROWARD headquarters.

After the WSVN report on Anthony Williams aired, his supporters attacked reported Carmel Cafiero. They published the names of her family and pictures of her home.

Why would Edison Jules surround himself with this cast of characters? Why would any serious candidate for Broward County Sheriff share a stage with these men?

Broward voters deserve answers.

Anthony Williams leaves a Broward Courtroom in handcuffs, Courtesy WSVN

Anthony Williams leaves a Broward Courtroom in handcuffs, Courtesy WSVN

Edison Jules, left with Michael Symonette

Edison Jules, left with Michael Symonette

1 thought on “REPORT: BSO “Mystery Man”Candidate Surrounded By “Wackos”

  1. snoop4truth

    March, 2020: A federal jury in Hawaii has just found Anthony Williams guilty of all 32 counts of wire fraud and mail fraud against him. Williams targeted homeowners at risk of foreclosure and promised them that he would stop the foreclosure of their homes and cut their future mortgage payments in half. The catch? Williams required that the homeowners pay him an up-front fee of several thousands of dollars PLUS an amount equal to half of their mortgage payment every month thereafter. So, Williams simply replaced the homeowner’s mortgage holder WITH HIMSELF on the receiving end of the homeowner’s mortgage payment every month. Williams also gave every such homeowner a hand-signed money-back guarantee promising them he would refund their money if he was not successful. Thereafter, Williams did nothing to stop the foreclosure of his victims homes and instead diverted of the money payments to his own use. Williams sent the money he stole in Hawaii to his mother in Texas to hide it from his victims and from law enforcement authorities in Hawaii. Williams never honored a single money-back guarantee. Williams’ fraud in Hawaii involved over 200 properties or victims and netted Williams almost a quarter million dollars. Williams was previously convicted of an almost identical scam in Florida and was sentenced to 15 years, plus 15 years of probation.
    Williams will likely spend the rest of his fife behind bars.

    This document reflects many of the actual fraudulent representations that Williams made to his victims. Unfortunately for Williams, he published this fraudulent sales pitch online and he used the telephone and the U.S. Mail to carry out his scheme. This made Williams’ conduct a federal offense.;

    This is the actual Superseding Indictment. This document reflects the actual charges that the jury found Williams guilty of. Note that this Indictment also charges Williams’ co-conspirators. But, the co-conspirators later entered into plea deals and testified against Anthony Williams.

    Click to access D.Hawaii_1_17-cr-00101-LEK_154_0.pdf



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