Why? It’s a question we’re all asking today. Why would a twenty-year old father walk into a school and kill innocent five year old kids? Earlier in the week, a young man killed two people at an Oregon mall. Why?

There are no easy answers. There is no single solution to prevent acts like these in the future.

Guns and schools and malls existed for decades before these senseless acts of violence started happening in America.

Young people are taught no one should be trusted. Everyone has an ulterior motive. The Government is untrustworthy. The Founding Fathers were hypocrites. Priests, Rabbis, Police Officers and Teachers are the bad guys. Evil Corporations will do anything for a buck. Parents are liars. Everything is fake.

What’s left for our children to believe in?

Call it faith. Call it hope. Many of our children lack it. They’ve been taught the future is bleak. One mistake and you’re life is screwed. A misstep brings catcalls and insults from the snarky inhabitants of social media.

For most it’s just quiet despair. For a few, it grows into a insane orgy of violence.

Hug your kids. Pray for the victims and their families. Pray for everyone.

We can change things. Instead of talking about a Kardashian,LiLo or a Festivus pole, teach your kids that hope is a good thing. Maybe the best of things.