Obama’s plummeting poll numbers are adding more pressure to Broward Democrats. For more than a year, the Florida Democrat establishment has known President Obama would hurt the electoral chances of other Democrats. They’ve tried everything to motivate the Democrat base: Union shenanigans, phony protests and rallies. It’s not working. Broward County is the Democrat firewall. If Democrats do well in Broward, then candidates like Obama and Bill Nelson (D-Sleepy) have a shot at winning the state.

For the last month, internal polling has shocked local Democrats. Races that should have been easy are suddenly close. Longtime politicians are losing to newcomers.

The pressure is getting to them. Signs are being knocked down. Dirty tricks are being pulled. Campaigns are forging alliances that will endanger all of the candidates. Candidates are accosting other candidates in public. Candidates launch smears against the families of their opponents on Facebook and Twitter.

Winners don’t act like this.

As we’ve forecasted for months, winter is coming.

Guess what? Winter is here.